Downtown Clarksdale Shopping: Unique, Locally Made, & One-of-a-Kind Treasures.

A common question among our potential guests is, “What is there to do around town during the day?” Would you be surprised if we answered with, “Go shopping!”? Clarksdale may be known for our Blues culture and nighttime music venues, but we have some really unique, one-of-a-kind shops all around Downtown. Whether you are looking for original artwork or locally made goods & products, you’ll easily find something you’ll love at one of our neighboring shops!

Original Artwork

Clarksdale (not surprisingly) is full of talented artists. These artists cover a multitude of mediums from painting to ceramics to woodworking and more! Stan Street’s Hambone Gallery, right across the street from our E. 2nd Street entrance, is a great place to find beautiful paintings and prints. Joey Young’s Lambfish Art Co. is filled with handmade, original ceramics – this is definitely where our pottery lovers will want to visit. Many artists do not have a dedicated storefront, but you can find their work in other shops around town! Be on the lookout in stores like Cathead, Delta Creations, and even Meraki Roasting Co.!

Locally Made Products

Homegrown, homemade, and locally sourced are all common descriptors of what our guests want to take back with them as a souvenir. Of course, these products can come in all shapes and sizes. We suggest checking out Collective Seed & Supply for your “homegrown” needs. They carry locally sourced products such as honey, gelato, rice, popcorn, grits, *sometimes* fresh produce, and even beef!! If it’s homemade you’re looking for, check out Delta Creations. They’ve recently added “florist” to their description, but they also have booths owned by local vendors who make a multitude of different products. Lastly, get your homemade & locally sourced fix at Meraki Roasting Co. As the name suggests, they roast their own coffee in house! Grab a steaming cup, or take a bag or two of beans home. In addition to their in-house roasted coffee & homemade treats, they are now the home of Big River Bagels – homemade BAGELS y’all!!! Not to mention, Meraki carries local artwork & homemade goods. The best part? This is a non-profit organization dedicated to job-skills training for local youth!

Clarksdale is full of extremely talented individuals, and we are proud to call them our friends and neighbors. If you’re able, please support them on your next visit! We’d love to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, so let us know if you have specific questions while planning your trip!

Nightlife in Clarksdale, MS

There is no doubt that the nightlife in Clarksdale is a major draw for our visitors. Clarksdale boasts “Live Music 365 nights a year,” and