Experiencing Clarksdale: History and Culture of the Mississippi Delta

Guests from all over the world enjoy experiencing Clarksdale’s history and culture. Music, literature, art, agriculture, archeology and more make up the heart of our special town.

There are many ways to experience Clarksdale – most of which involve just getting out on the town and soaking it all in. However, for those who want a more in depth, educational experience, there are multiple museums worth visiting while in the area.

Delta Blues Museum
The Delta Blues Museum is located just 2 blocks from our Lofts. This museum is the oldest music museum in the state of Mississippi! Guests will see exhibits on local and regional musicians and learn all about the history of Delta Blues music. Guests can even see an exhibit of the remains of the cabin Muddy Waters lived in while a sharecropper in Stovall, MS. For Blues fans, this museum is a must. Visit their website for updated hours and exhibit information.

North Delta Museum
The North Delta Museum is located at the banks of the Mississippi River at the foot of the levee in Friars Point, about 15 miles from Clarksdale. This unique spot has been described as, “..like crawling through someone’s attic.” It is filled with artifacts from the Mississippi Delta and Mississippi River such as Native American artifacts, horse drawn vehicles, antique clothing, military uniforms, medical instruments, antique household items, and many visuals from the early steamboat days of the historic Friars Point port. This eclectic collection of historical items is sure to fascinate anyone who steps foot in this little hidden treasure. Read more about this museum and its location here.

Tennessee Williams Rectory Museum
Many people are aware of Clarksdale’s music history, but they may not know the significance of our town in the history of literature as well. The great playwright, Tom “Tennessee” Williams, experienced much of his childhood right here in Clarksdale, and even used people and places from the area as inspiration for his plays’ characters and settings! His grandfather, Rev. Walter E. Dakin, served as Rector of St. George’s Episcopal Church. Young Tom lived with his grandparents at the church rectory for several years, then continued to visit often as he grew up. The rectory now serves as the church office and this museum! It is located just a few blocks from The Lofts and is open by appointment. Visit their website for more information, and to learn about the annual Tennessee Williams Festival!

Carnegie Public Library
The Carnegie Public Library is an excellent resource for historical artifacts and information on the area. History and archeology buffs will really enjoy the Archeology Collection within the library. The Mississippi Delta was home to many Native Americans. In this collection, one can view pottery, artifacts, and research materials all from this area! In addition to this collection, the library offers many free activities for folks of all ages! See these activities and more library information on their website.

As you can see, Clarksdale has some incredible resources and experiences for those who want to immerse themselves in all of the history and culture of our region. We hope this guide opens your eyes to the possibilities of activities for the next time you #visitclarksdale. Speaking of your next visit, contact us today to book a loft for your next trip!